Session Themes

And Sample Topics

The session themes allow a plethora of potential sessions and topics for discussion at EPIK. If any of these ideas resonate with you, we will welcome your session submission in August once we have opened to accept proposals.

Theme I: The Collaboration Imperative

Why and how engineering practice is changing to meet complex global needs

Sample Topics Include:

  1. Current scholarship on the effectiveness of multidisciplinary problem solving
  2. Proven models that enable, support and reward effective collaboration
  3. How major world events — such as COVID-19, climate change and income inequality — drive the development of silo-busting partnerships
  4. Ways to unlock the power and promise of new and emerging online collaboration tools
  5. Case studies that demonstrate how to make a collective impact through collaboration ~ sample challenges include:
    • Leading the grand energy transition
    • Helping people age successfully
    • Building climate resilient communities
    • Setting priorities in a pandemic-stricken world
    • Enlarging the footprint of bio-manufacturing
    • Implementing autonomous driving
    • Accelerating the adoption of Industry 4.0 among SMEs
  6. Policies to help promote public investments in science, engineering, and technology
  7. How to measure the effectiveness of collaborative programs, projects, and other initiatives

Mould breaking responses to the unprecedented challenges of our times

Sample Topics Include:

  1. Case studies in the rapid deployment of remote and blended learning
  2. Building a values-based learning culture that celebrates inclusion
  3. The future of experiential learning in the design and delivery of engineering education
  4. Meeting the educational needs of industry through micro-credentials, onsite learning, and other models
  5. Developing durable, high value competencies students need to thrive and prosper
  6. Increasing industry investments in school labs, facilities, and amenities
  7. The role of science, technology, and engineering schools in community development - what’s possible?