The International Conference on Engineering Practice and Innovative Knowledge

EPIK is a first-of-its-kind conference organized by faculty and staff of McMaster University and hosted in collaboration with  W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology, a leader in the growing field of practice-oriented teaching and learning in higher education.

It will feature explorations in community engagement, multi-stakeholder relationships, engineering practice and technology, design, entrepreneurship, policy, smart systems, and much more.

Conference organizers are designing an eclectic program with a mix of keynote speakers, presentations, workshops, site tours, student posters, and networking. Delegates will enjoy a world-renowned destination close to cultural sites, entertainment venues, nature trails and wineries.

This is a powerful professional development opportunity designed for individuals from public, private, and not-for-profit organizations who are keen to grow as skilled collaborators working at the intersection of engineering, science and society.

“Join us for a unique experience devoted to sharing ideas and building communities of practice needed to meet the world’s most urgent challenges in areas ranging from health and the environment to transportation and energy.”
--Brian Baetz, Director, W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology

McMaster University is one of only four Canadian universities ranked among the top 75 in the world by the major global ranking systems. McMaster is cited as Canada’s most research-intensive university and is known for innovations in problem-based learning, sustainability and community engagement.

McMaster Engineering has a reputation for innovative programs, cutting edge research, leading faculty, and aspiring students through a blend of in-class and community-based experiential learning. The faculty regularly collaborates with partners in universities, government and more than 100 companies in Canada and around the world.

Conference chair: Gail Krantzberg, Professor W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology.