EPIK Announces Dr. Roberta Bondar to join as keynote presenter

Dr. Roberta BondarThe team at EPIK is thrilled to announce that Dr. Roberta Bondar, PhD, will join the lineup of keynote presenters at the inaugural conference in June 2022! This is a major step in offering the calibre of program we envision for this conference on engineering practice, innovation and technology; and developing how we learn in these spaces – whether we’re experienced practitioners or students entering these fields.

The first Canadian woman and neurologist to fly in space, Dr. Roberta Bondar is globally recognized for her pioneering contributions to space medicine research, fine art photography, and environment education. She expanded the horizons of millions when she joined the space shuttle Discovery for its 1992 mission, where she conducted experiments for 18 countries in the International Microgravity Laboratory, a precursor to the International Space Station. Her highly motivational talks — punctuated by her stunning photographs — focus on change, social responsibility, and our environment.

We’re working to finalize agreements with two more top-tier keynote presenters, and will be issuing a call for session proposals in the July-August timeframe. More details to come.

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